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Picture me sitting in my office before the sun rises. The Kindle rests on my legs, soft light illuminating the perfectly, crisp Bookerly. It is all about the Kate Daniels World right now. I feel the warmth of the sun creeping through the shutters, tendrils of light flicker at the paperwhite’s edges. I adjust my position. I keep reading. The sun peaks in. The glare is annoying. I adjust my position. I keep reading. The sun sets, I feel the window panes at my back cool. Blessed darkness. I adjust my position. I keep reading. It is a tremendous effort to stop. Breaks are for babies. Essentially, Ilona Andrews has written my siren’s call. I’m not sure when I will be finishing this series… but I will finish.

I’m reviewing Magic Burns and Magic Strikes together. Why? See above…

If someone tells you they read an Ilona Andrews’ novel and could not put it down, they really – really – really mean it. Writing that this series is enthralling suggests enchantment – so let’s definitely go with enthralling. I’m not a shapeshifter but I can admit to this – if so much as a finger (not mine of course) hovered peripherally near my reading station I may have growled a time or two (unless I glimpsed a slice of pizza – then – nothing but purring).

*Note – ☢☣☢☣ Danger – Interrupting a Kate novel may incur wrath and/or claw marks…

With every glance, near-death rumble, tension-escalating moment, the half rundown, grungy/high fantasy magic world that encapsulates this series intrigues! I’ve only finished three books so far and with every page flip, I keep getting more background. The author writes a fine line of satisfaction and screeching epitaphs at the characters’ interactions… like seriously… just ask the questions that are in your mind!!! We want to know too!!! I believe no fantasy is complete without comedic relief and this series could take the stage – I snort, LOL and on the gym’s elliptical I have smiled so wide that the other members probably thought The Joker had landed.

As I sink further and further into the Kate chasm, I shy away from certain truths. Someday, I will have read all the books in the series. Someday, Kate and her motley crew of friends (and potential mate) will no longer share my headspace (you know… no more daydreaming alternate storylines and what if scenarios). Someday, it will just… be over. Reality – This author is too good, this World is too alive, these characters are too real, to Ever be forgotten!!

*Note – The Kate Daniels World is a breath-stealing punch to the gut – READ IT NOW

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