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Sea Witch and the Magician has a few tricks up its sleeve. Did you think this newest Once Upon a Spell installment would have only one newly discovered romantic tale? Me too! Soooo… Surprise Bonus! – a story within a story (or the beginnings of a story…). I won’t disclose the secondary pair as it would encroach into spolier territory. Having said that, the author does a stunning job of making the reader love Prince Joren and the uber BA water goddess Caecilia’s story while simultaneously forcing serious side-eye interest to a few supporting characters (two actually… juuuussssst two… I reallllly want to divulge deets).

Here are a few little facts about the leads: Joren may be a prince and Eisland’s newest Admiral but after multiple rejections, his self-confidence in the lady department is lacking. He doesn’t question his ability to lead, he is full-stop loyal, his magical spell-casting abilities are next level and he isn’t afraid of a first line battle sitch. Unfortunately, Joren becomes a one-paddle rowboat when it comes to women. Questioning his motives and that of the lady is a never-ending circle paddle fest. Caecilia is a daughter of Triton (hello Siren). She spent the first part of her life shirking her duties and shagging her way through the ocean – a goddess with a whole lotta time and a rusty moral compass. Her unappealing exterior and secretive ways provide plenty of rogue waves for the couple.

With all the hang-ups and misfit misadventures, a reader may wonder what type of romantic chance Joren and Caecilia even have. Well… Surprise, Surprise, Surprise… Having two leads that do not fit into the legion of typical fairytale characters makes them all the more interesting, all the more relatable, riveting, rooting for the underdog (where are my pom-poms – oh right… never a cheerleader… where is my flask) extravaganza.

Once Upon a Spell series are adult fairytales done right. Readers are transported into a world of shifter beasts, mages, sirens, pirates and giants, frost queens, dragons and seers.

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