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*Note – Beware any reviews for Donna Grant that do not begin with 5stars ☠

A Dragon King’s Novella = the same attention to detail as a full-length novel but leaves you dying for more. Wait a minute… they all leave you dying for more! Dragon Claimed brings us Gemma and Cináed’s story, glimpses into the disappearance of the mysterious Clacher Druids, you’ll discover what color Cináed’s dragon is (along with a reminder of how to pronounce his name👍), take luxury helicopter rides, find out if Gemma and Cináed are mates💋(hey… it may not always happen…), and recognize that Usaeil is still a total, obnoxious, self-centered, quite evil, nasty B@*#h person.

The character development and storyline are, as always, impeccably done. What Donna Grant manages to squeeze into 175 pages is nothing short of combining Druid and Fae magic… The Dark World is ever expanding (thank you little, tiny, baby Jesus) – and for most of us, Dragon Claimed is just another stepping stone leading us (please God) in finding out who Rhi’s DK is (you know I’m right)💙💙💙

*Note – before I forget – here is a link to Donna Grant’s page that lists the reading order for the entire Dark World.

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