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Tanya Anne Crosby has been an author I’ve followed for over twenty years. Her Classic and Historical Romances have always been one of my feel-good go-to places. For years I stayed in the Historical Romance genre and only in the last few years gravitated more and more toward Fantasy. When Crosby decided to mix it up (not a Captain Picard time traveling to Scotland type of mix)  – I was ALL in. I’m happy to write that her stories are as compelling as always! Daughters of Avalon mixes the best of historical romance and magic – LOVE – but for me, it all started with the Highland Brides series. The first book, MacKinnon’s Bride, after twenty years and change, has remained an old friend (Page FitzSimon… something about her character imprinted on my longterm memories 💙).

If Crosby hasn’t zinged your radar yet, maybe you were born last night I hope you check her out! I’m going to add book links for my two favorite series below. Also, this is Crosby’s website so you can see all her offerings.

The Prince & the Impostor

Daughters of Avalon

The Highland Brides