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How can a true Kate Daniels fan enjoy a full-length (not your momma’s novella) book, in the KD World, but not about Kate?! The answer is simple… I have no flipping clue. I loved it. I devoured it. I could have happily meandered down Andrea Lane for eons. All signs of Gunmetal Magic’s addictive nectar point toward the author! Andrews has created such a comprehensive World, bursting at the seams with characters demanding on-screen coverage – Sign. Me. Up.

As this series progresses, Andrea’s past life and tumultuous present unfurl with all the bouda feels – aggressive, growly, compound bows and incendiary explosions, hyena cackling, territorial and passionate. Her atomic bomb outbursts and what motivates her actions is intrinsically tied to her past. And oh, her past. On page 32 (Loc 544) Andrea describes what being a shapeshifter has always meant to her. The reader truly understands the extent of Andrea’s abuse and her current trust issues. All this haute couture baggage paired with a fast-paced, intense thriller storyline… popcorn, please.

Both Andrea and Raphael’s epiphany cornucopia overflows in Gunmetal Magic. Raphael has so much, so, so, soooo much to learn when dealing with Andrea (warning: you may or may not have hostile thoughts toward Raphael during the beginning some part of the book)! One of my favorite parts about this series – the shifter courting shenanigans!

*Note – There are always laugh out loud moments – beware reading KD books in public – “Non-Readers” cannot understand bursts of hilarity – don’t try to explain how funny your book is – an “N-R” will not get it.

*Note – Thanks to Andrea’s weapon obsession I learned that my protein powder has the same abbreviated name as one of her submachine guns – the Heckler & Koch UMP.

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