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Each time I read a Highland Brides novel I always – always – always smile. They’re just good reads. Lynsay Sands’ books don’t make you want to curl up in a dark room and pretend to be one with the shadows – they make you want to hug your partner tighter, let your children or family know you’re thinking of them, sigh in wonder at life’s twists and turns and the sibling digs, jabs and heart to hearts are moments to laugh out loud.

I won’t pick a favorite (yes I will… book 3, The Highlander Takes a Bride – Saidh’s story) because each story fits so well together. They build as the storylines weave throughout one another. Each book has an ending that any historical romance fan wants – and they are endings, no cliffhangers – but just like real life, stories never really end.

The Wrong Highlander, the seventh Highland Brides installment, brought us Conran’s story. He is the 4th oldest of the Buchanan brothers and a self-proclaimed ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Evina Maclean may be a damsel, however, helpless is not in her vocabulary – Saidh flashbacks!

*Note – You will never go wrong with this series and as much fantasy as I read it is really nice to jump into the historical genre. I do feel I must mention the other Sands’ series that I longingly think of – the Argeneau series (picture me reenacting a stage scene from Toddlers and Tiaras – drawing hearts on my face with my index fingers, glitter sparkles when I smile, I tap my lips gently and fling precious air kisses like confetti) okay – I don’t do that when I think of theĀ Argeneau series but the effort I put into the above descriptive lie should make an impact regardless.

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