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5 Reasons for Showalter making my Top Picks Category:

1. had me at Underworld
2. reading a Showalter novel includes bonus ab workouts – E.g.:┬áinsta ab flex from LOL moments, abdominal clench from the high-paced thriller bits and the reduced caloric intake due to the Kitchen Closed sign I hang whenever a new Showalter novel lands in my hands (which helps see my new abs better)
3. smolder
4. relationship goals
5. every book has a storyline and characters that beat you over the head with their brilliance (bow to Showalter’s epicness)

The Forest of Good and Evil

Gods of War

Frost and Flame releases on September 17, 2019. As soon as the cover is revealed I will update the link.

Lords of the Underworld

Young Adult Standalone