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Magic Stars – Novella 8.5 (Grey Wolf)

Who else squealed in excitement when this novella dropped?! Yesss! Derek and Julie… 💙 Oh, the underlying tension… I was so prepared to YouTube some Marvin Gaye background music and devour Magic Stars like a taste the rainbow Skittles moment. Then I remembered Julie is just sixteen. 😒 I so hoped she had aged a few years (for obvi reasons) but, alas, she is still a teenager – It did not matter!! The same hair-raising yet comedic acts of bravery and mayhem are compelling enough fodder for this KD fan. I know this series ends with Magic Triumphs, but Magic Stars was slated on Amazon as the first book in Grey Wolf… Does this mean Derek will have a spinoff series of his own? Please, please, please – Make it So (Captain Picard voice).

Magic Binds – Book 9

Do you hear the explosions? Those are bombshells detonating in my brain! This book is a landmine of ‘power word’ fun and games. Daddy dearest is the amoral, festering hot spot in Kate’s life – in addition, there are wedding dress fittings, cake tastings, saving all of Atlanta from sure and total annihilation (thanks again Dad), guest lists, flowers, dead aunt backseat drivers and witchy prophesies of doom. That’s right folks – all this and a smoking hot ex-Beast Lord fiance with control issues.

*Note – Admission: I have always liked Jim. I liked him when he took merc jobs with Kate. I liked him as Curran’s bestie and head of pack security. I loved him in the Jim and Dali novellas. I seriously (and I can’t stress this enough) seriously, do not like him as the Beast Lord – Curran he is Not!

*Note – Dear Kate – Don’t answer the phone. Don’t answer the door. Don’t go to work. Wear earplugs. Don’t listen to voice messages. Use your magic to make an underground HIDDEN compound (large enough for Curran, Julie and friends). Become friends with a deep tissue massage therapist (you know you should be getting them regularly). Consider making Jim a slave to your every whim. Basically, Kate, hide from the world unashamedly – your life is damned exhausting!

Thank you so much for stopping in for another KD series rant and love fest! I plan on reading Iron and Magic, the first book in Hugh d’Ambray’s series, The Iron Covenant, since it was published before the final KD novel Magic Triumphs. I doubt if it is necessary to do this but whenever possible, I like to read chronologically in a World series. If you need either title I reviewed today please use the links below. If you would like to receive emails when I post new reviews, Subscribe now!