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A new series and a new set of authors to love… Hallelujah! I get sooo¬†tired of having pretend conversations with the same writers all the time… I would like it noted that three-quarters of what I want to discuss about Magic Bite fall into Spoilerville – so alas, I won’t go there but good news – there is still plenty to ponder.

Without further inelegant hem and hawing I give you my favorite chapter title: Never Screw a Werewolf followed by Oops, I know You From Somewhere. Authors Stone and Ashta must have enjoyed christening each chapter immensely! The thoughtfulness of each added to the overall comedic theater💙

The characters – Evie and Brock – From her first thoughts, Evie is the best friend we all wish we had. Brock is an Alpha werewolf (nuff¬†said). Bonus: there is a cornucopia of riveting characters – Cass is a pink-haired demon imp and Evie’s partner and bestie. Molly is a human supernatural encyclopedia, blood donor to Croft and newest member of the squad. Sabine is the cool-headed pack doctor and holds her own (easily) in scenes. Croft is the vampire attorney to Evie and I have no doubt there is a LOT to unearth where he is concerned. Overall – I hope the Supernatural Bounty Hunter series pings everyone’s radar.

*Note – Molly and Croft – they literally had no interaction in Magic Bite but for reasons unknown I feel like they would be amazing together and (hint hint authors) star in future novellas🤞

*Note – I wish publishers would get more inventive with subgenre descriptors. For instance, Ken Follett’s Century trilogy is labeled Historical Fiction, which it is, but what if it had the more accurate label ‘Badass Love & War Historical Fiction’? Or Indie Romance writers who think editing is optional could be flagged under ‘Don’t Go There’. Now Magic Bite is pure delicious Fantasy but wouldn’t it grab more attention under a category like ‘Full-Frontal Fantasy’ or ‘Not Your Bitch: Girl Power Fantasy’?

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