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I have written before (repeatedly) that the Kate Daniels World is everything. So, I was blown away when I wasn’t more stoked for The Iron Covenant series! I mean, it is, with blatant association, part of KDlandia💙, it stars Hugh d’Ambray💙💙, Roland is now Hugh’s enemy💙💙💙 – and still, I waffled! Well, I’ve read Iron and Magic because the authors suggested reading it prior to starting Magic Triumphs – and not a shocker – my hesitation was embarrassingly unfounded.

If you have read all the Kate Daniels books prior to starting this spinoff series, I think you’ll agree that yes, Hugh could do some naughty thingsĀ but didn’t we all know he was oh, so redeemable? And what better way to jumpstart an attitude adjustment than to meet a new lady interest. Unfortunately for Hugh, he and his leading lady despise one another (surely this equals potential?!).

Elara Harper – mysterious, ancient power, mouthy, loyal, tolerance BS meter for Hugh is set to zero – in other words, perfect for the Iron Dog Preceptor. Iron and Magic is like watching a master swordsmith sharpen blades – massive sparks!

This first book in The Iron Covenant is like skydiving (I would add without a parachute… but isn’t skydiving scary enough?) – your heart will pound and you may laugh manically at the barbs thrown between Hugh and Elara. The ending… well… it made me warm, it made me smile, a bit wistful and most importantly, an Olympic-sized forever fan.

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