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Blood and Bone released December 4, 2018. I waited to read it for 3 whole months. I also tried to hold off with Year One, the first book in the Chronicles of One series, knowing that it would be at least a year before the next book released… it didn’t work out then either. It is sooo hard to put a Nora Roberts novel on the back burner. You glance at it. You poke it a few times, admiring its heft and cover. You close your eyes and run silent fingers over the raised title, the words coalescing, sparking your synapses… Blood and Bone and Doom… I mean, it’s just sitting there! So, I couldn’t wait any longer. And now I’ve read it – All. And now… I have 8.5 months of torture waiting for the third book’s release, The Rise of Magicks.

Memories are tricky things. There are times when I feel like my mind is a steel trap. I read and I retain, the evocation of stories, there for the taking. For instance, Tanya Anne Crosby wrote a book 20+ years ago and recently released a new book in which characters from the old novel are woven into the backdrop of the new. I didn’t know this at the time and started to read away – and then – a single name popped up  – my brain sparked, my fingertips tingled – I know you, I remember you. This is when you know an author has skill. When their writing impacts your long-term memory. Nora Roberts has this ability. Once you read one of her novels they download into your brain’s infinity hard drive. Beginning Blood and Bone felt like I had just finished the last page of Year One.

*Note – Admission – My mind as a steel trap… honesty nudges me to admit that my brain is not steel all the time… and never when I go to the grocery store🙁 (Has anyone ever bought everything to make tacos and when you get home, and the family is sitting on barstools around the kitchen like it’s an Iron Chef arena, and you pull out all your goodies and realize you got everything, EVERYTHING… except beef – and when you look at your audience (with sweat beading your brow) and try to convince them you wanted to try vegetarian tacos this time…?)

Blood and Bone is Fallon’s story – essentially, Chronicles of One is all Fallon’s story. Her birth was foretold… She is The One. She is the turnkey in which all Light and Dark spiral. Watching Year One’s OG characters’ kids grow up to fight in this book is – Wow – a grossly unassuming adjective – and yet I repeat – Wow. This series hits some Walking Dead vibes for me (replace zombies with Dark Uncanny). What I find similar and fascinating about both series are watching people from all walks of life, some with magick, all individual and with pasts that help and at times hinder the future, then watch as they use each other’s strengths and weaknesses to protect one another, to build a community, to rescue those in need, to tirelessly work together even when they don’t always agree, to compromise, to grow, to outsmart the enemy. It is a glorious storyline and I believe it is one in which most humans would benefit – see what we are capable of when the s*@t hits the fan and petty squabbles are made irrelevant.

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