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*Note – Hell hath no fury like a woman holding a seraph blade 🗡

When angels and demons bring their war where humans roost – let’s just say – it isn’t pretty for the people. Both the demonic and angelic had a hand in embuing non-superlunary with certain “gifts”. Leia Stone’s Fallen Academy series is a classic tale of good vs evil, light against dark, demon gifted working for angels, honorable demon bound, donut laced highs, and healing orange glows… Maybe “classic” isn’t the best representation…  Let’s go with: The author has taken a time-honored and traditional classic and created a fresh and bold (kinda scary) new world.

Year One brings an abundance of interesting characters. Brielle and Lincoln come from opposite sides of the tracks and their go-to communication style is conflict. They both have great friends integral to the overall story (Shea, Bri’s bestie, is my personal favorite). I won’t name any of the other friends because if you haven’t started this series (yet) I don’t want to ruin anything! Break out your XL Horn of Plenty, a bounty-o-bodies awaits you!

*Note – Brielle, the wingwoman I never knew I needed.

There is an undeniably oppressive grey (intended – it is dark days people) covering the narrative, some edges lighter, dark tendrils creeping at the corners, however, Fallen Academy is a far cry from doom and gloom. Year One is a cocktail infused with love, joy, friendship, loyalty, testaments of strength and endurance, plus my favorite, laughter and, of course, a twist of brimstone. Stone writes with a comedic flair I adore.💙

*Note – Plans for the immediate future: full steam ahead on Fallen Academy – must read Year Two, Year Three, and Year Three And A Half to be ready for Year Four releasing this May!

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