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Year Three lessons learned: living in hell sucks, Lucifer is a whack job tantrum thrower, Brielle can pretty much make friends anywhere, guardian angels are for everyone (I knew it🙌), I need, need, need my own seraph blade, hope springs eternal, Lincoln is as awesome as we all thought, and everything about Shea still makes me smile.

*Note – I started crying on pg 152 (not pretty)

Year Three was rough for Brielle (as in drug behind a truck through desert cacti – for months – kinda rough). Leia Stone has written this girl through the wringer and I think this is why I love Fallen Academy so much. Brielle’s life is a non-stop s!*tshow but she manages to live life fully (hell excluded). She loves with her whole heart, she laughs and you love the sound, she dances and doesn’t care who sees her. She also trains her butt off, never backs down, never leaves a friend, and never, ever puts her safety above the well-being of others. Brielle and Lincoln have many of those traits in common, well…Lincoln may be a bit more reserved than his girl💙

Year Three And A Half is a novella running parallel in time with Year Three but told in Lincoln’s point of view. It is always amazing to get to hear the voice of a main character. A reader will think they have a pretty good take on a character’s thoughts and feelings – and then when you actually hear them – it’s pretty magical. It is a devastating and heart-rending installment and not to be missed.

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