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Within moments of beginning Toxic Game, I was transported. It doesn’t matter if Feehan is writing a book set in the New Orlean’s bayou, tropical rain forests, The Middle East – the World Map is this author’s playground. I have yet to read a location-driven book by Feehan that doesn’t blow my mind. It’s all in the details. Feehan expertly writes about local flora and fauna, plant hybrids, encyclopedic knowledge on all things predatory animals, arachnid minutia, cookery, combat, inflight surgeries, war, and she has a real handle on how uber genius psychopaths operate.🧐 Seriously, my mind is blown with the amount of research that goes into the Ghostwalker novels – and it’s not only the research but how she so skillfully writes nail-biting dramatic thrillers with all that Britannica thrown in!

*Note – I finished Toxic Game in record time. Yay me… Now it’s over. Great.

In this 15th installment to the series, Toxic Game will throw you directly into the sweltering humidity of Sumatra. You feel the oppressive heat, the slow trickle of sweat on your temples, you see the thick vegetation, the swoop of exotic birds, and the swish, swish of helicopter blades. Mesmerizing – the usual in Feehan’s world. This is the story of Draden (you know you’ve been dying for his story) and Shylah, better known as Peony and bff to Zara and Bellisia. There is usually a rhythm to be expected in a Ghostwalker novel – don’t be expecting that with Toxic Game. Without spoiling anything… I can’t write anything… damn it! Well, I can say that the storyline is unexpected, the chemistry is high (shout out to Dr. Evil), but the circumstances prevent, shall we say, the expected outcome.😉

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