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Well, that was unexpected. This is a new to me author with a new group of characters. Was I convinced I needed anything new in my life? No. Am I glad I took the chance? Hell to the yes! 💙 What I expected? A contemporary love story. What did I get? Human cruelty, destructive relationships, crushing loss, desperation, child abuse, addiction, foster systems and forever love not being enough. What else did I get? Family, friends, strength in numbers, asking for help, accountability, courage, forgiveness, fast cars and brilliant drivers, savvy businesswomen, helping hands, vulnerability that strengthens, friendship as the root of love, weakness that isn’t weak and adapting to a new reality.

Misbehaved will break your heart and then rebuild it. Nicole Dykes is an author passionate about keeping it real. There is nothing pretty or romantic about addiction. It’s destructive – it destroys the user and can wreck loved ones in its wake. This latest Adamson installment could have branched even further down a dark and dreary path but I love that Dykes embraced the calm after the storm… hope. Everyone needs it. Everyone wants it. As I already mentioned – unexpected.

Misbehaved flashes first-person excerpts between Cash and Leslie, past and present. It is a wonderful way to get the full effect of the main characters. The reader will appreciate this author’s style. I appreciate that I was given a well-written, thought-provoking, intense story with laugh out loud banter interlaced with sweet, intimate tendrils  – and all this under the guise of a contemporary romance – what a plain label for what these characters give you.

*Note – I was pleased that this book can truly be touted as a standalone. I felt like the glimpses of characters already seen in prior books (Monroe and Adamson series – which this one would technically fall under Adamson #4) was enough to give me a well-rounded overview of the other players. So don’t hesitate if you’re a newbie to this author like me – jump right in!

*Note – As if I needed more characters to ponder and look forward to… well, this author has hooked me… sleep is for babies💙

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