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Have you ever started reading a series and stopped periodically to scratch your head and think – how in the hell do they come up with this stuff?! I feel as though I have a decent imagination and then along comes a book like Burn for Me and I begin hearing clips from Wayne’s World… “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” Would it be too much to ask for an afternoon tea with the Andrews’ duo to bask in their greatness💙

Burn for Me kicked off the Hidden Legacy series in October 2014… but… the 4th book doesn’t come out until August. Praying the Legacy train doesn’t retire anytime soon (unlike the Kate Daniels series, of which I am still in deep mourning at its denouement).

Nevada Baylor and Connor Rogan – Nevada may have a few things hidden up her sleeves but she personifies honor, loyalty, integrity, basically, every complimentary compliment one can apply to a  BA non-prime, magical human who walks the narrowly straight side of the law. Connor Rogan is a Prime, his magic is off the charts and after his stint in the military, he needs a new distraction (btw, his sobriquet Mad Rogan was hard earned). Where Nevada upholds the law, Connor lives in the grey to charcoal area – think of him as Niklaus Mikaelson from Vampire Diaries. You know he can do naughty things and his good qualities don’t really outweigh the negatives (sometimes) but… he’s so damn cool… Even Nevada can be won over with a charming smile 😉 (forgiving of murderous foibles but not exactly consenting… yet). This is an amazing start to what is surely an epic series – living with scientifically engineered magic abilities creates problems for the elites and lower-level users alike. This is a fast-paced, hurricane, fire and ice tornadic story with nonstop Matrix edginess, city-wide destruction, and carnation bouquets 💐

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