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Midway through Wildfire – I may know who the mysterious usurper Caesar is (the Benedict Arnold-cum-Prime *hithead). By the end of Wildfire – Eureka! I have been obsessed with each book in this series but this third one… EXTRA…

Ilona Andrews delivers no written spa relaxation massage moments – you’ll be hunched over your book, death grip on its edges, nail-biting your way through. When I hear someone say they can’t read at night, they’ll just “fall asleep.” Really? Have you read anything by Ilona Andrews?

A few (very few) favorite Wildfire tidbits – Nevada’s paternal grandmother makes her debut and is quite the splashy, scene stealer. We find out Arabella’s superpower – didn’t see that one coming. Leon is a fan of old westerns. Connor may have some competition 🤐. Nevada loves bear claws (who doesn’t?).

*Note – Even more obsessed with Cornelius… whyyyyy… well, for starters he’s a soft-spoken widower, father of one and he’s a total BA who really, really should have his own spinoff and quite possibly (in a few years…) marry Arabella. Yes, I went there. It’s driven me nuts since he was first introduced and Nevada’s sisters helped with his daughter’s care. Yes, I am quite aware I have derailed somewhere along the tracks but I still think it would be aaamazing😀

*Note – Sergeant Teddy wins VIP or at least Most Adorable Character.

Wildfire gets digs a bit deeper into the ‘This is Rome, hear my battle cry mystery’. Some questions are Truthseeker answered while some remain shrouded behind a ‘solid wall of hex’.

*Note – I also just finished Diamond Fire, novella 3.5, which is all about Connor and Nevada’s wedding plans (okay, it isn’t all about the wedding). The novella is told through Catalina’s voice. It takes a few minutes to stop flipping pages looking for Nevada. Once you realize you aren’t going to die not hearing her directly for a while you’ll settle in and realize Catalina didn’t fall too far from the Nevada Tree.

That’s it for now. The fourth book in the series Sapphire Flames releases in August! I have included links for all the Hidden Legacy books. Thank you for stopping by! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!