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Oceans of Fire – Book 3

A show of hands for those who could say no to a man with a Russian accent. As I predetermined – none. It is with this flawless survey I begin the whys and wherefores of all the reasons to read Oceans of Fire, Abigail and Aleksandr’s story. Well, first (obviously), it has Russians in it. Next, comes the Interpol¬†espionage, stolen art, ocean waves, dolphin saves, seven sister circles, and red panty spells. Then, forgiveness asked (and not immediately granted… whyyyy… He. Is. Russian.), new characters (that I know we’ll see again), wedding planning, bat hordes, aunts and Red Hat ladies, and of course, family ties and lots of love. Does one really need more? As always, Christine Feehan is a master storyteller and this series is pure delight💙💙💙

Dangerous Tides – Book 4

I’m not ashamed to admit that I wasn’t dying for Libby’s story and I think it’s because she has always kind of hidden herself behind her more gregarious sisters. Libby isn’t flamboyant or bold. She is a quiet presence in the midst of a marching band on parade. Well, Libby’s timidity was all a nonsense illusory Feehan trap that I handily fell for… One would think that after the amount of Feehan books I ‘ve read and reviewed that I wouldn’t be surprised by her research skill – she doesn’t just verbatim the unabridged Gray’s Anatomy – she owns her research – she writes fiction but with such detail and authority it is easy to believe this author must be an expert in ALL things (Is Christine Feehan secretly WebMD 🤔).

*Note – Ty Derrick’s #NoFilter or #Finesse will leave you speechless in admiration of Libby’s patience and cheering for the two brainiacs to fall in love 💙

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