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Whether you’ve read The Savior yet or not, the quoted words of Sarah that I’m about to lay down will not spoil anything. However, for those who have loved a child ferociously – these words will resound epicly.

You will have to take me out of this room in pieces. Am I making myself clear?
Sarah (pg. 212)

You’re probably wondering what’s so epic – trust me, you will get goosebumps. That scene is intense and since Ward rarely writes anything below potent sea level… like I said, intense.

The Savior is Murhder’s story but it is also John Matthew’s and since we already know that Murhder and Xhex have a history (which after reading The Savior we learn truckloads more) – there are a few dicey, awkward, and mated male rabidity moments!

Sarah – let the Murhder male musk inducing courtship commence! Good ‘ole GerBear, Sarah’s deceased fiance, was a complete snoozefest, so one can imagine Murhder (despite his name being, well, Murhder) looks like an all you can eat buffet to a woman who’s thus far learned satisfaction on a Ramen diet. Murhder – he may no longer be a Brother, but a Brother’s Brother he may be… okay, forget I went there, I had a flashback of when I was a child (during the Neolithic period) and my grandmother reciting the tongue twister Fuzzy Wuzzy. What can I say… it’s late 🔦 John and Xhex – We know them. We love them. The only thing that changes this time – interesting backstories that tie the main character’s story tighter and Xhex’s symphath sight uncovers some hidden brain gems that I hope leak to #SomeoneWhoWillTellEveryone.

*Note – There’s a new Brotherhood Bestie Club of two initiated in The Savior and it’s AWESOME!

*Note – Page 325, Ugly tears. Page 361-363, Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

J. R. Ward manages a fine balance between Murhder’s story and John’s. Both are tear-inducing, shock and awe revealing, operatic gifts to the reader and nothing short of a fire alarm could have pulled me away from its pages. The Savior is the seventeenth Brotherhood novel and for all its fresh-faced feel goods, it could have been the first!

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