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Russian magnetism is back in full force with Joley and Ilya’s story, however, Turbulent Sea would serve the reader better if it were titled Hurricane Hazards (deadly debris headed to a Drake sister near you). I’ll go ahead and sprinkle some redundancy – this is my favorite Drake Sisters installment💙💯💙

*Note – The number 7 is thrown around an awful lot in Turbulent Sea – just casually throwing that out there…

Something that surprises me about the Drake Sisters is how much each of them hides from one another (Sarah being the exception – maybe). They know how much they are loved. They know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that they could do or think of doing that would diminish that love – but they all keep their secrets and imagined wrongdoings hidden. Eventually, they learn, but sheesh!

What do I love so very much about each book – ? – the men that completes each sister so perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, each sister is brilliant and successful with varying talents and passions – when I say ‘complete’ I mean deep-soul completion, stars aligning, discovering a tiny puzzle piece they didn’t even know was missing – that kind of feel-good, sighs with satisfaction completeness. Ilya is definitely Joley’s missing piece and she is his. Even with Ilya’s violent past and Joley’s supposed rock-n-roll carefree attitude, Feehan allows us to see deeper – it’s bare bones reality and perfectly spellbinding.

*Note – Why am I reading a series that ended 10 years ago? Simple. Christine Feehan wrote it.

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