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Oh no. Stage-five-clinger Lincoln was back. I feared I’d never use the bathroom alone again.      Brielle (LOC 1247)

I should have finished Year Four over a day ago and had the review posted already (being timely with reviews is the only way to stay ahead of the game in this business) – but here’s the deal, I am not always a #fangirl. In Leia Stone’s case, however, I am. Sooo, I’ve been looking forward to this release and I wanted to slowly saver Brielle’s meet and greet smackdown with Lucifer. I wanted to appreciate every intense Lincoln look, the rowdy Shea commentary and Brielle’s humanitarian/warrior/teacher/wife tetrad of badassery💙💙💙💙

This entire series is about driving the demons from Earth and the final showdown with Nobody Loves Lucy but above all that, for me at least, Fallen Academy has always been about friendships and all the laughs, lows, loves and highs Stone mage conjures into each scene.

*Note – There is one particular character that piqued my interest (and clearly kept it). I found myself hoping this person would get a spinoff series. So when I read the author note after The End… Yessssssssss – thank you Leia Stone for hearing my threats if it didn’t happen prayers🙏

Fallen Academy is a 5-star series! If you need any of the books from Amazon, I’ve included links to the entire series below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! Thank you so much for stopping by.