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How did a man tell a woman she moved him? Changed him? Took wrong and made it right? How did he tell her she was a miracle?

Lev (p. 169 LOC 2398)

After reading Water Bound I am convinced (and not in a scary, I need medication way) that Christine Feehan wrote this book for me. There are Russians obviously, but I won’t get into that (psst – see below – I totally get into it) – It’s the reclusive Rikki’s love for all things peanut butter! I sing Hallelujah, let the Angels shine! It takes a person whose strength of character is mighty to proudly proclaim their PB Connoisseur Status. #PBUnited

Sisters of the Heart is a new-to-me series that shares real estate in Sea Haven with the Drake Sisters so there is a glorious familiarity and flow while also feeling fresh and exciting. Annd… It looks like Ilya’s bros each get a tour!! Yes!! I didn’t realize until I bought Water Bound that this was the direction Feehan was going and to make sure, I immediately looked at the leads for the entire serious – definitely McLoving It 💙 (please don’t judge me for enjoying McDonald’s humor).

Ilya, the youngest Prakenskii brother had his time to shine in the Drake Sisters series and is now happily married to Joley Drake who happens to be cousins with Blythe, the matriarch of the Sisters of the Heart. So you see, the connections are so tight we’ll get to see them all! It is a win выиграть for readers (выиграть is supposed to be win in Russian… anyway, I hope it is).

Lev and Rikki may seem like a cliched, opposites attract type of relationship but the more we delve into their backgrounds and thoughts I don’t believe they are so dissimilar. Lev, as we learned from previous books is an undercover agent looking to infiltrate and destroy human trafficking rings. His facade of bodyguard to a psychically talented monster billionaire shipping magnate, unfortunately, tied him to Elle Drake’s abuse – so all that boils down to hurt feelings, awkward moments and with Prakenskii’s involved, possible bloodshed. The reason I longwindedly bring this up is that we know these moments are going to happen for Lev but they DIDN’T happen yet! Feehan is dropping treat crumbs and I’m happily dancing to Spirit Bound.

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