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The Trouble With Vampires, Lynsay Sands’ 29th Argeneau opus gives and gives, and keeps on giving. Santo is Old but oh, so clueless about women. One must speak above a grunt if one wants a snowballs chance in H🔥🔥🔥 with a mate! Pet is tiny and mighty and her past is guaranteed to spark all sorts of Now Whats and Epiphany Extravaganzas (mainly about Quinn). As soon as you read the part where Pet explains to Santo why she and her twin sister Quinn ended up living in America you’ll get my excitement!

From the first page to the last you will find no waning or waxing in your devotion to Sands’ addictive style. Her storyline, flow, characters, and all around real life/fantasy situations will draw you in and keep you best friends with The Trouble With Vampires until finally sighing in complete satisfaction.

*Note – Readers familiar with the Argeneau series had to have died right along with me when Pet starts mentally checking out Santo upon their first meet and greet. I’m like, Oh God, Stop! Stop! Everyone can hear you! No private thoughts equals no public appearances… ever.☠☠☠

*Note – Please Lynsay Sands – put me out of my misery… Will Quinn have her own book???

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