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Spirit Bound is the second book in Sea Haven’s Sisters of the Heart series and Judith Henderson and Stefan Prakenskii’s story (or you could refer to this book as the one that allowed you to meet the third Prakenskii brother – can I get an Amen?!). Each Sea Haven book is a pleasure to read and I still have four more, however, I am starting to get antsy over when the Drake Sisters cast will fully merge with the Sisters of the Heart. I mean besides Jonas and a glimpse of Alexsandr… crickets. There is never an action lull with the Russian brothers but you know Jackson and Lev’s first ‘I Wanted to Kill You at Hello’ has to happen eventually.

Not listening to your inner ‘Danger, Danger, Danger This is NOT a Test’ definitely did not work out well for Judith. Her miscalculation had devastating, long-lasting consequences, but it did put her on Stefan’s radar… sooo, I can’t remember my Aesop lesson here… it could be listen to your gut or it could be warning signs are optional…

*Note – In an attempt to strictly adhere to honesty – I do love each of the Sisters of the Heart as I get to know them better… BUT… because of my ginormous tiny obsession with all things Russian (well… the Russian men accent), the Prakenskii brothers do tend to overpower most scenes for me.

As is the case each and every time, Feehan not only gives us characters that we can obsess over and relate to but she gives us storylines that are not so easily unraveled. The best part is that she makes each book feel like a wonderful, generous ending and yet it never really is. The biggest dilemma affecting them all still looms large but just enough is put to bed to feel satisfied!

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