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Okay, here is my initial takeaway opening gambit for this Ignite review: I have never been disappointed in a Donna Grant novel, especially in the Dark Kings series. If you have ever read a bad review for Grant, the reviewer is either A. Delusional or B. Jelly. That being said, and this isn’t a negative, readers are always going to have favorite characters, especially when an author has several series linked in a world. Vlad (V) and Claire did not quite make my top faves. That doesn’t mean I still didn’t enjoy their story but that they weren’t lighting up the pages for me. Thankfully, and this is one of my favorite things about the author and this particular series, is that my disconnect with the leads didn’t detract from the story. Not at all. Grant is like a professional figure skater. She glides from scene to scene, inner stories to ongoing mysteries, from light to dark, gives glimpses of Others, all while weaving breadcrumb trails and gumdrop garrotes. Wherever your finger alights on a page, a new, sparkly facet emerges. So… Claire happens to be my least favorite mate but I died over the book as a whole💙

*Note – Con is mesmerizing – if we find out he practiced snake charming in his long life – consider me the charmed cobra🐍

*Note – V’s character held my interest easily but I admit, when Balladyn enters stage right – this audience of one has laser focus. I also admit that no one and I mean no one, ever, in the history of everness, upstages Con.

*Note – I’m leaning toward Vaughn as Rhi’s King though I would love for it to be Con. Thoughts? And you do realize we fans have literally been trying to figure this out for like 100 years now… If I ever sought the advice of a therapist would it be bad that I would probably use my hour to discuss Dark World trivia?

This is a series that, year after year, I look forward to each Dark Kings/Reaper release. I hope the number of titles in the series doesn’t put anyone off of trying it out! Just think of the Summer reading marathon you could enjoy!

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