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It didn’t take long for the single Sisters of the Heart to recognize signs of the peculiar Russian nesting doll infiltration – where there is one – there are many… Prakenskii’s are starting to pour out of the farm’s woodwork and in Air Bound, the third book in the series, we see that not even Airiana’s wind patterns will keep Maxim at bay!

This series might be even more fun than the Drake Sisters – possibly because the male leads are all related and come equipped with similar, shall we say, arrogant attributes.

The moment Maxim steps foot on the farm the air element battles between him and Airiana become nail-bitingly intense. I never would have guessed the direction this story takes after Airiana’s capture! And, the strings attaching Elle Drake’s story are weaving closer and more tightly connected to the Sisters of the Heart.

*Note – The horror of child trafficking is hard to read. It is harsh, sad, foul and heartbreaking. Feehan once again doesn’t shy away from the issue but she manages to weave the graphic reality with hope, heart, love and healing💙

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