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Storm Cursed – Mercy Thompson – Book 11

If there have ever been two people to emulate more than Mercy and Adam I’ve yet to meet them, hear about them or read about them. They are cool under pressure (and their pressure situations 80% of the time include passersby who try to either chase, eat, maul, beat or generally terrorize them… not quite like my stress which typically skyrockets at grocery shopping), honor and loyalty thrive and their sense of humor is contagious (and yes, I’m aware they are fictional – no one cares about that!!).

Envision yourself going on a 3 day cleanse where all you get to “eat” is a mildly flavored, unappealing, lumpy juice. Day three ends! You did it! 8 pounds down! Your accomplishment deserves a reward. A double bacon cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, onion, and tomato and a double order of seasoned, shoestring fries (did I mention the bun is butter toasted to steamy, crispy perfection?). Now, this is a meal to be savored, but recall, YOU ARE STARVING. You stare at your plate of greasy splendor, put your hair up in a pony (false modesty is obliterated), and you fall on that burger and fries – uncaring that the juice, mayo and ketchup trails oozing down your chin look, to any casual observer, like bath salts or a similar get weird drug is involved. Finally, the reason for making everyone hungry has arrived… I have been starved, STARVED I tell you, for two years and two months waiting for Storm Cursed and by all that is Holy, I fell on this book like a ravenous wolf! Btw, reading contains fewer calories and guilt than phantom burgers.

My, my, my, and wasn’t the wait worth it. I felt as though I had never been on a Mercy hiatus. Her friends were once again my comrades. Her death-defying feats left me awed. Her relationship with Adam is just the best of… everything this life has to offer. There are so many areas I would like to write about and explore with other #MercyFans but I will not risk the spoilers here💋It is enough, I believe to write that Patricia Briggs is a rockstar. *I will write that Wulfe is very interesting, Stefan needs a girlfriend, Coyote is still the biggest puppetmaster of them all, Zee needs to be my neighbor, I really wish Uncle Mike would open a pub in Oklahoma, and witches are just bad news.

*Note – thoughts… if Mercy weren’t a shifter I imagine an early onset of arthritis might be a real problem for her 🤔

*Note – Something that Patricia Briggs does in her novels that I think anyone would (should) appreciate is the masterful way she brings in seemingly random facts to conversations that if you take a moment to appreciate her skill level, you will be suitably impressed. Take this, for example, Chapter 13, page 347. “Join or die,” said Sherwood. Mercy then wonders if Sherwood is referencing Ben Franklin on joining the American Revolution or joining a coven of witches. She hopes there is little similarity between the two. Do you see what I’m saying?! Briggs so cleverly weaves such thoughts through Mercy’s head and it MAKES her character more complex – definitely more appealing. Bravo to Briggs for knowing millions of seemingly random factoids and making them #MercyTrends.

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