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Before writing this I relooked at my first Shadowspell Academy review. I had made a *Note wondering if it was May 14 yet… and it’s here!!! Well, here and gone as I have already finished the second book.💙🦄💙

List of things I learned/pondered while reading Culling Trials Book 2:

1. I don’t want to participate in the Culling Trials.
2. Do I love my brother enough to cut my hair off (precedes book 2 but I thought about it again)? Yes (but you better start being a little nicer).
3. I would make a good addition to Wild’s misfit crew.
4. Lions should only be viewed from a great distance and through bullet-proof glass.
5. I would ask the games Director if a backpack with extra clothes and hand sanitizer are permissible during trials.
6. Wally’s stats do Not irritate me.
7. Seeing a wolf pack in their natural environment and up close – no thanks.
8. Trolls are disgusting in every book ever (addendum: My daughter just informed me that #8 was incorrect. I said, no way, they’re always disgusting. She said, Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking. I stand corrected.).
9. I need to learn A skill. Maybe becoming invisible or perfecting bush hiding. Super sticky hands? Clean my body in a blink? Hey! I can sew already! Instead of a misfit crew maybe Girl Scouts is more my jam.
10. The ending is exactly what I wanted to read.
11. Swinging appendages and an alicorn ride should not mix.
12. Where is Wild’s Sunshine?
13. Magic wands don’t like to share… much.

Shadowspell Academy is action, adventure, high fantasy, an adrenaline rush with comedy and camaraderie!

*Note – The authors graciously blessed us with a sneak peek of book 3 and I am happy for you but I never read them because it just makes it harder to wait… but… well… book 2 ended with something that I cannot #SpoilerAlert anyone over… so I did it… I read and read and read and read until there was nothing but credits… and then I stared blankly at a wall for a while… then I thought about book 3’s release date… this review miraculously got finished… and now I feel disoriented, a little bewildered, and hungry (which may or may not have to do with a slight smidge of depression over book 2’s end).

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