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The Sisters of the Heart finale is here and Bound Together topped even Game of Thrones final season! I know all the women endured various hardships, betrayals, and abuse in the past but Blythe’s past was always shrouded in mystery. I had wondered over her discomfort amongst the Drakes since that family is so close and loving. As her story started to reveal itself in Bound Together, I admit to thinking – well, it’s not as bad as the others, not nearly so, and then… the bomb… Dying… I didn’t foresee that tearjerker until it slammed me like a stick of emotional upheaval TNT and with all THAT I still had to cry through the retelling of Viktor’s appalling past. I thought we had been taken down to the lowest, filthiest degradations that could be meted out to another human being in the previous Prakenskii histories. That would be a Hard No. Viktor and his band of not-so-merry men (and two women) lived and survived through something worse than hell.

Bound Together is not for the faint of heart. If anyone thinks they are in for a casual read, let me set you straight… Human trafficking is not casual. It is a black plague. It is real and horrible and unfortunately, easy to put out of our minds if it doesn’t directly affect us. Feehan charges relentlessly forward to keep this corruption in the forefront. I can only assume Feehan believes that awareness could save a child’s life someday. I hope that is true💙

Having said all that, Sisters of the Heart is certainly not all dark and depressing. Feehan has created such an exceptional cast of characters that even with the gloom, you will laugh and sigh, and feel connected to the fabulous Sisters of the Heart and the incredible men who finally found their peace.

I have enjoyed each book in the series and as I mentioned earlier, Blythe’s story didn’t necessarily jump out to me, but Bound Together is by far the BEST of the six!

Thank you all for sticking with me through my Sea Haven journey. I will, of course, be slipping in a Torpedo Ink review as time allows (which mean asap). If you need your own copy the Amazon link is below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!