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You May Kiss the Duke is Sabine and Jon Stoker’s story and the third book in the Brides of Belgravia series – And it is Perfect! Charis Michaels took two sets of friends, each with onerous circumstances and paired them one by one until the reader has only one real thought – happy endings, happy endings, happy endings 👰👰👰💙🤵🤵🤵

We have gotten to know the six mains throughout the series and I thoroughly enjoyed Any Groom Will Do and All Dressed in White – you might assume I  am about to write that book 3 is my favorite – you would be wrong – I absolutely love all three. They are so connected by love and friendship that one could not possibly exist without the other, after all, the three book series is the work of a single advertisement!

Sabine’s brilliant mind, amateur sleuthing and less than tidy ways holding court with Jon’s very sad upbringing (tear jerker alert), business acumen and ruthlessly suppressed tender feelings urges causes havoc and comedy in a snug Belgravia basement apartment. Charis Michaels easily deserves this 5-Star review along with air hugs and kisses for making this reviewer so happy!

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