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My first thoughts upon beginning How to Wake an Undead City:
1. You are hungry, not ravenous – I repeat – you are hungry, not ravenous – Do Not Devour this book in one sitting.
2. Deep, even breaths. This isn’t a hard, final end for Grier. You will see her in ink again (I better👀). Do Not Panic.
3. Holy ______! This is it! I’m starting book 6!
4. It’s so dark out – Oh yeah, it’s 4 am…
5. Note to self – stop drinking water. Bathroom breaks are distracting.

*Note – It’s Done (imagine a funeral dirge thundering in your ears). I Am Gutted. Elated. I have blotchy, tear-stained cheeks. Smeared mascara (some of this was laughter over #Letheisms). I believe all fans will agree that saying goodbye to Grier (at least to full-length novels) is… Difficult.

So basically, this is what it is like reading How to Wake an Undead City (through the eloquence of emojis): 🔥💣💥😱👀⚠⁉ There are about fifty things I am dying to write about (and I may literally be dying as I stopped drinking water hours ago… see above list) but they would be under the aegis of spoiling so I won’t but, Oooo. Mmmm. Geee. Hailey Edwards totally put some zingers in this finale!

Final words: Between Grier and Linus, you will hit every emotional gamut – every single one. We were able to watch respect turn into friendship before developing into love. The growth of each character from beginning to end is fascinating. I’ve been frothing at the mouth, deep in speculation as to how Edwards would tie up all the what-ifs and loose ends – especially the Atlanta-Savannah sitch. I really felt like I had a good handle on some finale wrap-ups, but as usual… the author was ten steps ahead, munching a churro and laughing at my Sherlock impersonation (more like Blue’s Clues… I’m a teensy bit juvenile).

This series has been an absolute inspiration! Hailey Edwards is an author that you can’t help but compare other writers to. The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy series should not be overlooked. You will never be disappointed! If you need this title the Amazon link is below (The links to the entire series are in my Top Picks Category under the author’s name). If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!