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When I read about the Swords’ club conduct, even knowing I’m reading fiction, it sickens me because I can’t help but wonder and finally accept, that there have to be organizations much like the Swords unfortunately alive and well. Truly, a sobering thought.

In the spirit of keeping it fiction for this review, I 💙💙💙 that women like Breezy – abused mentally and physically, raised as subhuman, her own father encouraging the crimes, find a way to survive – maybe not thrive – but definitely survive while keeping their humanity, their empathy for others, intact. Enter Torpedo Ink. If there were ever men and women who know abuse and don’t judge… They Are It! The unflappable Steele got a few surprises during his club’s undercover work and let’s just say… he doesn’t do surprises gracefully (his fixation and uncontrollable attraction to Breezy is a big one – the other… I’m not telling… but it has something to do with their parting of ways…). Later, when Steele reveals the absolute worst of the worst crimes committed during his “school” training – Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord😥 Christine Feehan tears your heart out in Vengeance Road but it’s such an amazing story I don’t think you’ll mind.

*Note – I learned the difference between regular bleach and oxygen bleach – cool. And then I wondered… Has anyone seen Christine Feehan wearing ‘colors’? The woman knows an awful lot about Biker Clubs…🤔 I’m not saying she’s a 1%er… but there is a lot of room in that 99% part👀

*Note – Question – Which brother features in the next Torpedo Ink??? Savage??? Tell me it’s Savage!

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