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If you are familiar with Emily R. King’s Hundredth Queen series then you understand my giddiness over her newest literary tale, The Evermore Chronicles💙

King creates novels from poetry. I can hear every click, whir and tock. I can see gears dancing and cuckoo’s clucking. I feel carved woodchips crunching underfoot and the creak and groan of sailing ships. I feel the wisdom of ancient trees and the somber intensity of Father time. Her words are tactile and ferociously moody. Tick… tock… permeates the narrative. These two words can engender life or the final beat of time. Before the Broken Star is Everley’s story. Her clockwork heart steadily pumps revenge. She has one mission, to kill the man who killed her family.

A dark tale where the good hold secrets, the bad are a desecration of life and the ugly is only skin deep.

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