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First – Shadowspell Academy books 1-3 all take place within one week… yes, that’s right… My brain was telling me months had passed (don’t hate – I never claimed to be a mathlete). Maybe the authors have tapped into some Star Trek space-time continuum formula. Reality – 0. Breene and Mayer – 3.

I have read other reviews that mention a lack of character development, or that the story felt rushed… begone fools, negativity hath no place here🎭 The Culling Trials builds Lego cities worth of intrigue, mystery, high voltage action, friendship bonds, possible love interests, and an overall storyline that keeps that edge of your seat tenseness thrumming from beginning to end. With all the humans and monsters after Wild (are they always after Wild…) I still find I have time to ponder ❤ connections (there are sooo many choices). Am I the only one who thought Sideburns was into Wild? Then we have Rory, Ethan, and Colt… I mean the possibilities are endless. Shadowspell Academy is kind of a man buffet.

If this is the end of the series, even with some unanswered questions nagging, I am quite satisfied. Breene and Mayer make a dynamic team, unifying an already established skill set.

*Note – Who, in the ever-loving h___, is Shadowkiller?

*Note – What side is Mr. Sunshine on??? Seriously flip-flopping here…

*Note – On K. F. Breenes website, under Book Reading Order – Shadowspell Academy, there is a note which reads, *This series will be continued depending upon popularity with readers… Consider it popular AF and continue with all due haste💙

As this is an ongoing series (this is me lying staying positive), I look forward to new Wild’s Crew Adventures!

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