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Born in Fire     Raised in Fire     Fused in Fire

I just finished the Fire and Ice portion of K. F. Breene’s Demon Days, Vampire Nights (DDVN for those cool people who are Fantasy savvy and totally down with acronyms – which I am). Breene blipped my radar after reading her rambunctiously, feisty team effort, Shadowspell Academy, with Shannon Mayer – an author who can collab their way into creating characters I have imaginary conversations with (true and creepy) is an author I want to read more of.

Here is a short (by no means complete) list of reasons, people, places, and things of why this trio of books is raw cookie dough delicious (the list will obviously grow after I read the Magical Mayhem trilogy – the second half of DDVN):

1. Reagan (sword toting, door kicking BA)
2. New Orleans
3. Darius (elder vampire, claw and fang carrying BA)
4. the Lair (Vampire enclave)
5. Lucifer (so I haven’t met him yet – who cares… he has to be demon-fried goodness)
6. No Good Mikey – best neighbor Ever with potential as a Bestie
7. Dizzy and Callie (how I imagine my husband and I sound minus the spells, circle talks, and threats to kill – but otherwise, totally us)
8. Mages, Witches, Demons (hundreds in all shapes and sizes – please DO NOT ask about Three Fists) and Shifters (it’s an all-inclusive party)
9. Vlad – by all descriptions, the most handsome elder vampire in the Universe but a total douche canoe… still…
10. Dark Kingdom – a vacation destination that only a ‘Reagan-Type’ can appreciate
11. Comedy, Love, and Rage – the triple threat
12. Action. Action. Non-Stop Mind-Blowing Action.

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