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Snow White has never been one of my favorite fairytales (I blame Disney… They really did not do Snow White justice…) – but I have to say, once Gena Showalter got her sticky, little, creative fingers on the ‘ole girl… insta fan 💞🍎💞

Showalter created a roux out of the Brothers Grimm fairytale and slowly built tragedy and comedy layer upon layer until The Evil Queen swept its greedy readers into the sensible, nonsensical Enchantia. Everyone plays a part in the chess game of Snow White, where winners are losers and losers are winners. That’s right… The author will twist and bend your mind until paradoxes float eye level and death-bringing spidorpions skitter across your back. The author’s anomalous style leaves the reader twisting and turning, panting for more, and begging for an end. A typical Showalter scene finds the characters alive and dead, good and evil, drunk yet sober, killed and healed, saved and damned… are you picking up what she’s throwing down?! The Evil Queen is crazy genius and so fresh I do not foresee an expiration date (and I did consult an Oracle…).

In what will assuredly become a Fantasy cult classic, the possibilities are endless for The Forest of Good and Evil. I pray this is one series that Gena Showalter rides into infinitude. 🙏🚀

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