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Another great release for the SBH series (I’m pretty sure this is the third and final… even though there are sooooo many, many characters that need more airtime… okay *cough *cough… Croft. Croft needs more airtime)! As readers have come to expect, this series offers great storylines, expert character development, it is comedically not challenged, and action is served in Brobdingnagian (blame Jonathan Swift… I certainly didn’t make up that word) proportions!

*Note – Things you do when sleep eludes… (Me = needs a life)


Unlike the first two books in the series, Magic Bite and Magic Sight, Magic Touch brings the whole cast of characters together. My attention never rested or rather, solely focused on Evie. Some fans may think this isn’t a good thing. Well, you’d be wrong… This finale begged for team players. We’ve gotten to know the humans and supes that surround Evie – not only know them but have an understanding that they are as integral to the story as she is (but seriously Stone and Ashta… you skimped on Croft. I wanted needed a buffet and I received a 5 mL infant dose…). Having said that, Evie is still her tantalizingly, brazen, balls to the wall, half witch-kitsune tsunami💙☠💙

The Supernatural Bounty Hunters series is tangible proof that Stone and Ashta (use your two index fingers and draw an air heart) complete each other 💞 If you haven’t gotten your copy of Magic Touch yet the Amazon link is below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!