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One of the most appealing aspects of the Legacy series for J. R. Ward fans – it’s just as beguiling as BDB (please tell me everyone in the world knows that this acronym stands for Black Dagger Brotherhood… otherwise… maybe… we can’t be friends).

Legacy follows the BDB’s soldier Trainee Class of Craeg, Paradise, Axe, Novo, Peyton, and Rexboone. Blood Truth is Boone’s story and needlepoint master Helania. Helania’s sister is part of a murder investigation headed by Butch and wingman, nouveau-inspector Boone. Think of Blood Truth as a Sherlock Holmes episode with BDSM undertones.🔪

By chapter 24 my head was slowly rotating round and round Exorcist-style. Murdered females, a half-crazed Syn (Bastard with “issues”), civilian love, glymera disapproval and double-dealing, mysterious boyfriend/possible murderer (whereabouts unknown), Jekyll and Hyde Boonescapades, dropped engagements, shady butlers, inner rage beasts, dastardly dads, and nightclub masquerades – Quick – bring the holy water and a cross, J. R. Ward has inked some parchment, and it is some wickedly, crazy s _ _ _! There was NO sleuthing out the final scene for me!

*Note – Due to the heart-pounding and hand tremors caused by this novel, I would like it noted that booksellers should consider offering Blood Truth with a side of Devil’s Lettuce.

*Note – May BDB and BDL never end 🙏

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