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All right then – I will begin by mentioning what #FoundlingFans thought at least once (or twice or thrice) – Cole is quite possibly the Best Boyfriend in the history of BFs… but… Adam… I’m not saying I want Cole maimed or killed off FTLOG… only… I do kinda, wanna, sorta try on Adam and Luce in black and white print – just jog around a block or two with them. No big deal…

Rise Against met my high expectations (not surprising – hello – Hailey Edwards)! I did mumble and grumble on occasion for Luce to take Conquest’s reigns and ride that cold b_ _ _ _ h to victory already… caution is so overrated. However, the progression of relationship building between Luce 102.0 and her coterie (Cole, Santiago, Miller, Thom, and Portia/Maggie) rivals a Tony Robbins motivational seminar paired with the dysfunctional friendships of South Park. In case that confuses you – Sublimity.

Will taking out Ezra (please someone take Captain Pats-Himself-On-the-Back out) create the happily ever after Luce envisions or is this just another stone leap in a puddle of delusions?

*Note – End of Chapter 9. What the ever-loving-what did Adam do?

*Note – Why do scenes between Conquest and Death cause emotional percolations? Sisterly affection? Unexpected loyalty and camaraderie?

*Note – Reason #312 of why I think Rixton is a rockstar. (Chapter 15, Loc 2646). Luce – “Where the hell did you come from?” Rixton – “Is that a PC thing for a demon to ask? Just curious.”

I made it to The End. Some of my favorite people (okay, just one. ONE) have become persona non grata. Hand me my black, blacklisting book, quill, and blood red ink. Name(s) must be etched. Even while holding my blackity, black book, I can write with complete sincerity that Foundling is a CSI, demon battleground, must-read series!

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