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I hope you have enough room in your heart for another BA Baylor sister! Nevada may be the epicenter of amazingness, but Catalina’s stormy eye is popping up on a doppler radar near you (life vests and sandbagging suggested).

Many have wondered if Nevada and Catalina’s trilogies share similarities. Of course! They are both Baylor’s and that tight-knit family changes for no man (woman, beast, or machine). Are Catalina and Allessandro a power couple like Nevada and Connor? They certainly own enough power puzzle pieces, but NeCo they are not… It comes down to the maturity level – very simply, Connor and Nevada are older, wiser, and have cultivated a more mature relationship. With that said, I never jonesed for the Legacy OG in Sapphire Flames – Catalina controls her scenes and giving her your undivided attention is easy breezy. I have no doubt that this new trilogy will see C & A grow in confidence, power, and (hopefully) a happy ending.

*Note – Conundrum: Wanting to read Sapphire Flames slowly and with great relish but my book review queue is too lit to quit.

*Note – Paternity Perplexity… (that’s all you get👀).

*Note – I so want Augustine and Arabella to be a ‘thing’ (when she’s older of course…)💙

The Ending: Ilona Andrews – 1, Readers – Camping on Ilona Andrew’s porch. I hate to bring up such a touchy subject to my followers but… I have not seen a book 2 in Andrew’s release schedule yet. Try. Not. To. Panic.

If you would like to order the 4th full-length novel in the Hidden Legacy World series (the first three focus on Catalina’s older sister Nevada, then there is a novella featuring Catalina, Diamond Fire, with Sapphire Flames beginning Catalina’s Trilogy) the Amazon links for the novella and Sapphire Flames are below. Thank you so much for stopping in. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!