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Crosby fans far and wide rejoice! While awaiting the¬†highly anticipated fourth installment in the Daughters of Avalon series (Fire Song – releases September 24), the Historical, Genre-Bending Adventurer has revamped the OG 2003/2006 Impostor dyad for her devotees. There are some books that manage to slip through my page-turning fingers and The Impostor’s Kiss and The Impostor Prince are two of them. Seduced by a Prince (aka The Impostor’s Kiss) now graces my metacarpi – All is love and hoodwinks.

The Impostor duology follows twin brothers Merrick and Ian (💙everyone loves twins💙). Daddy-Momma drama separated the boys at birth, but thieving Robin Hoods reconnect the lost familial bonds, launching readers into a rousing game of Clue (well… murder mystery meets carnal urges in the library with an empty gun, a sapphire necklace, and a golden ring…). Each character holds a vault full of secrets, and watching each sub rosa unravel is Historical intrigue at its finest.

*Note – The character who I believe held the storyline’s backbone with perfectly controlled posture – Fiona. The disillusioned mother of two dusted off royal, fallout debris, and while wading through continual peripheral sadness, manages to carve a life for herself (maybe not what she had once dreamed of, but a life nonetheless).

*Note – There are times authors can be cruel and Tanya Anne Crosby has been known to throw some honed, heart daggers in her time – but come on – turning fans into mewling babes during the PROLOGUE… harsh Crosby, harsh…

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