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Into the Hourglass… Everley wears disappointment and betrayal like haute couture. I can feel her taking the hits. I watch as she drags her feet through the parched sand – one foot, then two, then three… I mourn her losses and cheer her resilience. I want to shake her until her clock heart rattles and force her to walk away from all who betray her. I want to encourage her relationship with Jamison and then hunt down Father Time and tell him to find another Time Bearer. I want to knee Markham in the jewels (I assume that would still drop an immortal) and feed Harlow to the Terrible Dorcha. I want to sit quietly on a soft, grassy knoll by Everley’s side and watch the sun set. I wonder if given a task of such great importance, would I be brave enough, steadfast enough, or walk with enough forgiveness to see it through to conclusion… And then… reality… recognizing when an author has created a world both familiar and terrifying, so real that calling it fiction feels blasphemous.  The power of the pen Rules! Emily R. King may draw you in with sweet, love possibilities, humor, fantastical creatures, and unlikely partnerships, but be prepared, this author will catch you in her talons and hook you with her literary prowess.

A few more reasons to grab this series: Everley, Jamison, Markham, Vevina, Harlow, Radella, Claret, and Laverick, Father Time, Giants, Elves, shipwrecks, and pirates, clock hearts, swords of destiny, delicate daisies, giant whales, and murderous merrows. I could go on and on and on, but alas, I don’t need to, The Evermore Chronicles will take it from here💙

*Note – Everley’s luck: One step forward, Five miles back…

*Note – Pg. 256 Tears (not the happy kind).

*Note – There is plenty of time to read Before the Broken Star and Into the Hourglass before the third book, Everafter Song, releases December 10, 2019!

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