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It has been 364 days (exactly) since #LoversOfCarpathian breathed Dark Sentinel’s new book smell- 364 days since our eyes last partook of ancient warriors, honor codes, lifemates, and vampire rogues. Ahhh, the sweet sound of heart cavity breaching and telepathy.

Dark Illusion is ancient hunter Isai and high mage (plus a few other interesting titles) Julija’s story (Julija is the one who helped Elisabeta escape her cage). Feehan, being Feehan, tackles some pretty disturbing topics – from suicide and abusive families to serial, sadistic rapists. The reader feels raw while varying degrees of anger, sympathy, and bewilderment at humanity’s capability to do such evil forces our blood to heat and our hearts to pound. Through the pain-filled miasma, the underlying story in Dark Illusion is righteous!!! Dark Fantasy that explores ferocious warriors, the seedy and debauched, the honorable, and one very distressed but still a$$-kicking damsel.💙💙💙

*Note – New favorite Carpathians: Shadow Cats (which I first believed to be largish house cats… Not🐈 Even🐈 Close🐈).

*Note – Feehan has included a phenomenal reference guide at book’s end. Appendix 1: Carpathian Healing Chants. Appendix 2: The Carpathian Language (The language guide and history of the language is seriously fascinating and I hope all fans of the series check it out – I’ve said this before, but Christine Feehan is all business, all day when it comes to research and storyline building.

*Note – The two main characters both have brain-drain names – meaning – My poor, abused mind had to continually ignore the weird spellings and kick out appropriate pronunciations the ENTIRE book. Hail Mary, full of Grace – that second j though…

*Note – Elisabeta gets a lot of air time! Yay! I am so dying for her story. Ferro sounds just scary enough to chase away her demons🤍

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