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I so enjoy starting a series when there are already three books out – a round trip ticket of awesomeness without the layovers!

Alexis and Kieran – steller – can’t get enough – but I also can’t get enough of Alexis’s wards, Mordecai and Daisy. Their humor in the face of adversity, their love for each other and Alexis, their loyalty – all of it – humbling and achingly sweet.

Sin & Chocolate isn’t simply a stage-setter. Breene drops you in a maelstrom of chaos in a chasm of deadly mystery with huge currents of hilarity. Demigod Kieran doesn’t know what to make of the badly dressed (really, really badly dressed) Alexis. Alexis is a low-key, hand-out accepting, den mother of two wards (aka – a mother like no other), and plays a fine game of hide-and-seek the magic. She also wants to avoid San Francisco’s resident ruler Demigod Valens and his progeny (aka chocolatier Kieran – jk, he just smells confectionary ready).

Sin & Magic introduces Necromancer extraordinaire Bria! Alexis’s new BFF (she just doesn’t know it yet) and Zorn’s nemesis? lover? TMJ instigator? Alexis is officially the President of Hug a Soul Club and uses her otherworldly Line powers to save Kieran’s mother and prepare for the ultimate of final showdowns with the Vainglorious Valens.

Sin & Salvation gives readers plenty of closure but there are a lot of sneaky “Now Whats” planted throughout – Breene: Master Gardener, Ultimate Spy, Bread Crumb Tosser… Beware, you’ll be minding your own business, reading along, and then your own inner sleuthing skills detect a few eyebrow raisers (and with my botox, that is super hard to do).

*Note – Favorite new K. F. Breene catchphrase. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hard-On (Sin & Chocolate p. 119). Genius.

*Note – This series could not – for real… COULD NOT – be more addictive. There is just one teeny-tiny problem… The cover model… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Real pictures of people on covers more often than not exit into Cheesyville (everyone has an opinion – like certain bits of anatomy – so it doesn’t make mine right – just that I have one🦄).

*Note – As if Kieran and Alexis aren’t enough reason to dive into Demigods there are six more – Zorn, Jack, Donovan, Thane, Henry, and Boman☠🖤☠

*Note – For funsies, let’s discuss Daisy, and by close association, Zorn. Something is up with these two. I feel like Breene has been dropping reanimated ghost crumbs about… something… no finger raising epiphanies here but I do have a couple of theories (theory two is by far the strongest): 1. Something tragic befalls Bria and several years in the future, Zorn and Daisy become something more than mentor and student… 2. Zorn is Daisy’s father and her powers are latent. Well??? Am I on to something???

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