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Family are those you choose to love unconditionally regardless of blood.

Ethan King Loc 2653

Wrecked: A standalone, Leia Stone, Pâtisserie of Badassery💙

How weird is it to find it weird to read a book that isn’t in a series? I am guilty of reading a book and thinking, oh well, we’ll find out later… like all the time… So when I see that a new release is a standalone, I do actually pause and think, won’t it seem unfinished or some such rubbish that makes absolutely no sense. Readers have been conditioned for the last several years to expect a miniseries. So, you may be wondering if Stone managed to put out a good story in a single go (one book… gasp). Hell. To. The. Yes!

As you may already know, I do NOT go into details or regurgitate the book’s publishing summary. I will tell you that I started Wrecked, and then did absolutely nothing until I finished Wrecked. Is it sci-fi and full of Fae and mythical creatures? No. Vampires? No. Is it at least set in Europe? No (Pheonix actually, modern-day, full-on contemporary). Am I used to Stone dishing me Urban Fantasy and Supernaturals? Yes (and I 💙 them so hard). Did I miss the bells and whistles? No (and you know I love Fantasy). How did this story catch and hold my attention? The characters and the storyline. Leia Stone’s genius is showing again… She managed to roll the terror of psychotic abuse, divorce, love discovered, lasting friendships, self-reliance and accepting help, starting over, becoming better, family, washboard abs and steamy mechanic shops.

The quote above begins the story and ends the story. It really does sum up Wrecked. Family is about who and what you make it. No matter your circumstances, past or present, a person can build a family through friendships and love just as strong as any blood tie, and sometimes stronger for all that…

*Note – “Fun fact: when you don’t have a smart phone, you don’t know where the hell you are half the time.” Hailey Loc 313      Truth!

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