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Warrior Fae Trapped kicks off the third trilogy in the DDVN world! I thought I wouldn’t like Penny’s trilogy because she wasn’t Reagan. I did. I thought I wouldn’t like Charity’s trilogy because she is neither Reagan nor Penny. I did. Oh, how I did! This trilogy rivals Reagan’s in a complete Holy _ _ _ _ way! I stopped reading for exactly two minutes to troll Breene’s website, her blog, FB, Twitter… Where is the 2nd book discussed? Where is it? Come on… Ahhh, The End of Trapped gives us a sneak peek at Warrior Fae Princess (Releases October 15, 2019)! Stop. Drop. Preorder.

Alpha wolf Devon and his pack are everything reader’s love about shifter dynamics, and when they adopt Charity into their fold it is everything. Breene yet again gives her fans a whole new batch of character goodness while generously flavoring the story with old faves (hello Roger…). Clearly, Charity and Devon’s budding relationship is not going to be all Somewhere Over the Rainbow… think New Testament’s Armageddon…

*Note – When Reagan, Penny, and Charity meet…thumb image

*Note – Perplexing: I don’t want to but… I 💙 Vlad. He’s DDVN’s version of Vampire Diaries Original, Klaus!

*Note – Dear K. F. Breene – At this Sunday’s Mass I vow to light a candle in your honor and pray that carpal tunnel never finds you, that DDVN never forsakes you, that Lucifer is a swell gent, and Vlad finds love. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost… NEVER STOP WRITING 🙏📿

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