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Amanda Usen is a new-to-me author (which I 💙) with a new series (which I really 💙). This first installment in the Talent series will psychically burrow into each of your neural pathways – Warning: your grey and white matter are now owned… (Usen™).  If enhanced humans (like swirly-eyed mind-controllers, seed growers, power nullers, illusion masters, healing hands, super strength, and telepathy) fighting against their despotic, filthy-minded creators interests you… stay tuned.

Dark Awakening does not a single genre touch – attempted Talent pigeonholing is ill-advised. Try this on: Dark Awakening is Usen’s heavily nuanced in layers yet scantily clad Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Brace Your Private Sector, Special-Ops, Compendium of Rope Knots, Drug of Choice. I mean, it’s wordy, I get it, but this author is giving her fans a buffet of everything glorious.

There is nothing straightforward about Jake, Zoe, and the Talent cast of characters. Your adrenaline will start pumping immediately and stay at a high through the book’s duration. Amanda Usen is now on my Who’s Who to Stalk list. Seriously dynamite!

*Note – All hail Usen – the newest leader of the Borg Collective – Whiskey & Wit is at your command.

*Note – I believe Dark Awakening may induce a contact Nectar high with its reader. Maybe. If there was an actual drug called Nectar and if it could leak through my Kindle’s pores… then yeah, not a stretch.

*Note – Three-quarters of the way through I start to panic. I realize that I’m almost finished but I don’t want to be. I want to bubble wrap myself in a world where people with Talent roam amongst us Normals. I never, ever, ever want this series to stop. So, I do what any thinking #UsenFan does – I set the book aside, grab my tablet, open up tabs for FB, Twitter, and the author’s website to troll updates for the series (aka… book 2). Oh. My. God. Nothing. I signed up for the newsletter – H_ _ _ S_ _ _ – I only receive a confirmation, no newsletter in my inbox yet. Now I’m sweating. Am I being punked? Is Amanda Usen one of those author doms who enjoys seeing her readers beg (hey… she did put the Talent’s Lair underneath a BDSM club… how far off can I be)? I decided to set aside my growing anxiety, I can always stalk the author when I finish the review. And then… I finish the book… Angels sing… there is a sneak peek of the second book… Dark Apocalypse (no release date – a minor quibble easily remedied with renewed trolling).

*Note – Dark Awakening whets all appetites – for me – peach pie jonesing – for others… uhm… The author must be one hell of a chef – her vegetable dish descriptions… I literally went vegetarian (until I remembered I really, really love Vienna sausages… but still… so close).

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