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It’s Gods of War time and our favorite combatants are queueing up on Terra to continue the fight to rule Earth! Two people you will love as much as Knox and Vale (Shadow and Ice) – Bane and Nola. Not almost. As. Much. Frost and Flame follows the same time grid as SI, ending soon after the sisters last meet and greet. Superbly written and a phenomenal way for readers to experience Nola and Vale’s All War, all-inclusive access pass to blood-splattered gruesomeness and over-protective warmongers (hot, over-protective warmongers).

In chapter 8, Showalter compares a fight scene to a series of well-choreographed, ballet moves, and it occurred to me that the entire book, is in fact, a finely honed sequence of arabesques, pirouettes, and tour en l’airs (add in magical weapons, gore, and war). Bane may not wear tights and pointe shoes but give him black leathers and combat boots and the beast becomes a danseur! If Showalter is the grand Gods of War choreographer, then consider me a balletomane🩰

If you are new to this series, please take a look at my review for the first book, Shadow and Ice! Thank you so much for stopping in. If you still need your copy of Frost and Flame (digital or otherwise), the Amazon link is below. I’ve also included a link for Shadow and Ice. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!