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Light the Fire – Prequel .5
Stroke the Flame – Book 1
Kiss the Sky – Book 2
Shake the Earth – Book 3
Ride the Wave – Book 4

Prequel. The Reader encounters Calla and her mates in Stroke the Flame first, but the author wouldn’t leave her #ReverseHarem fans with questions! The prequel Light the Fire (published only 8 months after StF) gives us the full backstory for the Fire God’s Priestess – where she grew up, her family, aspirations, and most importantly, how she chose her mates. Four reasons not to skip .5: Derel, Falon, Blane, and Roth (it can be read at any time – I read it after Book 1, but had I known about it, I definitely would have read it first)!

Books 1-4. This fantasy quartet follows Kira and the men handpicked by the four Elemental Gods: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Let me give you a quick guide to the MC fivesome (btw… fivesome is an actual word and I know I could have just written five but fivesome has a slight innuendo to it that I felt paired well with the series😉):
1. Kira – Her destiny is to take down the current ruling dragons with the help of her mates (I would love to add a lot more detail to Kira but her history is intrinsic to the entire series and it is slowly uncovered until finally… mindblown… so, I’ll leave the details buried for now).
2. Jasin – Soldier; Fire Mate; next Crimson dragon
3. Auric – Nobleman; Air Mate; next Golden dragon
4. Slade – Blacksmith; Earth Mate; next Jade dragon
5. Reven – Assassin; Water Mate; next Azure dragon

There is a whacking amount of sex scenes in the series as one would expect from the Reverse Harem genre. However, if that was the only thing presented to readers… #YawwwwwnFest It would be similar to a Private Parts Doctor (I do like to be medically accurate, and I’m almost positive I’ve seen PPD on a white coat somewhere…) lifting the next paper sheet and saying… “Good Lord… not another one…”. Lucky for Elizabeth Briggs fans, this author knows her way around a good story. The puzzle pieces are many and varied and do not connect fully until the end of Ride the Wave!

*Note – I could have used large instead of whacking in the paragraph above, but… it works (Me: smirking).

I have a stack of books waiting to be reviewed but for some reason, while lightly trolling ‘stuff’ on Amazon, Her Elemental Dragon series popped up. I told myself not to get sucked in, don’t look too closely at the pretty covers, ignore the word dragon (it could be describing fruit or breath…), and DO NOT let yourself read the summary. I ignored myself as usual and I’m so happy I did! PPDs aside, Briggs is an exceptional storyteller. Her character interactions are genius and so on point. Watching strangers become partners and friends is always a feel-good endorphin boost.

*Note – Elizabeth Briggs received a Sociology degree from UCLA. Listen, I’m from Kansas/Oklahoma. Is Sociology fancy talk for Sex Education? Was Dr. Ruth an instructor? Because… Briggs knows stuff…

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