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Charity’s power is borderline atomic bomb. The Elves are feeling their vicious, sneaky side. Lucifer, the Underworld superstar and lover of demented Demons is sending extra feelers throughout the Realm and the Brink, the Vampires may be getting a new sheriff in town, the Mage Academy is a power brokerage, and the Guardians of the Flush… well… $#%!’s about to get real.

The second book in K. F. Breene’s triptych(ly) tantalizing Warrior Fae trilogy is here! Princess is the continuation of Charity and Devon’s story. Do not confuse this princess with a stage waving, air-kissing, throne lounger. Charity is more Ali-Esque, floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee (or lightning strike), while Devon just flattens the opposition with his Alpha dominance (watch out Roger, the #NewShifterOnTheBlock is all jacked up on Guardian juice and isn’t afraid to howl about it). Match. Made. In. The. Flush… That sounded better in my head…👀

Good news for those still obsessed with the first two trilogies in the DDVN World, Fire and Ice with Reagan and Darius and Penny and Emery in Magical Mayhem – both Warrior Fae books trot out newbies and OGs alike so all our faves are along for the ride.🤍 Vlad is still a scene-stealer (he also has a new ‘Who Can Be the Most Devious’ competitor), Reagan is… insane, all quiet on the western front with Darius, Lucifer still wants a family reunion, Penny and Emery continue to create horrifically devastating, yet extremely beautiful spells together, Charity meets family and does a lot of arts and crafts (hmmm), and Devon’s pack is Realm-tested and wardrobe-challenged approved.

DDVN may be divided up into three separate trilogies (with more to come I hope… Vlad…), however, Breene has one, two, or ten fingers on this World’s pulse and readers get nothing but seamless, fantastical pleasure.

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